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Lotus Healing Sanctuary Coaching Sessions
Supporting Body, Mind, Spirit
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Lotus' Healing Coaching

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Lotus' Virtual Sanctuary

Lotus Healing Sanctuary

MIND BODY SPIRIT  Wellness Rooted in Vedic & Alternative East/West Healing.

Holistic Support, Guidance & Coaching

Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama & Vedic Science Artss.

Tarot, Astrology & Divination.

Sadhana Satsanga ~ VIRTUALLY EmbodySHIMMER

Lotus' Virtual Sanctuary

Astrology Birth Chart Calculators

Lotus' Virtual Sanctuary

Lotus Healing Sanctuary 

EmbodySHIMMER,tm Coaching

MIND BODY SPIRIT Wellness Support &/or training. 

Phone/Skype Conferences &/or 8-Week Sessions. 

1 to 1 Support in Vedic Lifestyle Services for your Holistic Healing needs.

EmbodySHIMMER, tm

LIVE Virtual Phone/Skype Sessions ~

1 time freeform sessions.


8-Week Trainings. 3 limbs. 1 followed by 2, followed by 3.

One to One Connection

Personal instruction, guidance & discussion in the Vedic Lifestyle & Alternative Healing. Arts.

Explore what resonates for you.  A 1-time Phone/Skype meet may be ideal for you if time is at a premium in your busy life or you simply want Holistic Discussion. 

In an easy to manage, 30:00 ,60:00 or 90:00 minute session format, select your choice,  Lotus will draw on the depths of Vedic & Alternative Healing Sciences to assist your Journey of Transformation. 


Registered students benefit from 8-Week Sessions also via the user-friendly Phone, Skype & possibly additional methods of communication systems including e-mail.

Beginning, Presence & Dreamweaving 

are 3 segments of 3 different & progressed 8-week sessions.

Session 1 -Beginnings -

Session 2 - Presence -

Session 3 - Dreamweving ~

Each Phone/Skype or Package Session will Let Your Heart Shimmer,tm .

Vedic Skills & practical applications. for Holistic Wellness. 

In these EmbodySHIMMER,tm & East/West Healing Arts trainings you will discover, deepen , explore 

Master methods in support of your immediate needs &/or future guidance. 

Virtual meet where you are free to talk about whatever you are drawn toward naturally, or Lotus Healing Sanctuary can guide you toward clarity, purpose & SHIMMER utilizing a variety of Vedic & Alternative East/West Healing gems.  

Access the planets, elements & guides of divination cards & astrology, have discourse in these Alternative philosophiesnow widely recognized.  You may also express yourself ias your Guides reveal to you.

EmbodySHIMMER,tm coaching will help you  recognize your patterns, cleanse negative energies & crystalize your vision. 

Also a

Available can be your choice of yoga breath & meditation for stress-relief, peace, presence & focus.  In this format, the yogic arts are offered as sessions rather than the more in-depth training outlined above in the EmbodySHIMMER,tm BuddhiAtma,tm & SanctuarySangha,tm techniques respectively.

These are all options for you within the timeframe of the session.  If you believe you may opt for a longer session, please note this at booking your reservation to allow sufficient scheduling. Additional Sessions may always be scheduled. 

I Honor You & Your Life Journey. 

Coming from the heart of positive radiance, Lotus' intention is pure, gentle & loving.  You will feel the Vibrance of SHIMMER & authentic difference.  

We look forward to holding space with  you.

Let Your Heart Shimmer, tm ~

Astrology Birth Chart Calculators

Astrology Birth Chart Calculators

Astrology Birth Chart Calculators

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Lotus Healing Sanctuary

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