Testimonials ~

"Lotus is the Yoga Poet”.

 ~Marika Smolensky

“Lotus truly is one of the finest yoga teachers and workshop leaders I have ever experienced. Not only does she have the technical skill but she also is able to bring joy, kindness and gentle healing each and every time. Lotus has the midas touch! Her therapeutic massages are always so transformative. ” 

~ Julie Dennis, Founder Natural Community Review

"Lotus Healing Sanctuary promises and delivers peaceful serenity and support on your unfolding spiritual journey in body, mind and spirit. With Lotus Levin's inspired presence and impeccable style, clients of the sanctuary are confidently guided to deeper levels of self realization, and wellness in body, mind and spirit." 

~ Matthew Sweigart, Director of Education at American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia

"Lotus Levin is one of the best yoga teachers I have had in over 40 years doing yoga. She has a deep knowledge of the practice and is very good at communicating it. Her cheerfulness is infectious!" 

~ Michael Stone, Host of Conversations KVMR Radio and DJ Divine 5 Rhythms

"Lotus embodies the word 'Yoga' instructor. She is a very gifted Yogi. Her training style is heavily influenced by her in-depth knowledge of Yoga. Lotus infuses her classes with the physical and the spiritual side of Yoga. When I leave her class I am in a dreamy state...nicely stretched and all glowy inside." 

~ Jeanne Deurst, President JD Online 

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"It was my privilege to have Lotus teaching at my yoga studio in Auburn, California. She has a gentle and loving demeanor, is very skilled, is consistent in her methods, and has tremendous knowledge and respect of the arts of healing. Thank you, Lotus." Gwenn Jones, Host Auburn Community Television

"Lotus is a superlative Yoga Guru. It is evident that she lives and breathes her practice. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for expert guidance in the art of relaxation, flexibility and spiritual enlightenment."

~ Steven King

"Taking yoga with Lotus is like taking a vacation." ~ Deb Ernst

“Lotus has come into this life with a gift of wisdom which she brings forward into everything she does. I've been so touched taking her Divine Flow yoga classes as she effortlessly weaves great wisdom, beauty and truth in a seamless way.” 

~Kathleen McIntyre