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Meditation is for Everyone

How Meditation Put Into Action Can Help You

How Meditation Put Into Action Can Help You

Lotus Levin creates a PROFOUNDLY deep journey that will benefit anyone seeking calm, PEACE & clarity.  Is this YOU?  If so, these are the fertile grounds for expanding AWARENESS.  

HERE ~ the padma (lotus foundation) is of our inner-BUDDHI (higher knowledge, Buddha-consciousness).  By being seated upon the Lotus one develops POWERFUL intelligence, discernment & awareness.

Experience makes the difference.  For more than three decades Lotus has worked with those wanting to develop & harness their dormant spirit force.  This wellspring of SAKTI (creative force) births a light path of devotion, ease & trust that shimmers as BLISS. The practitioner is able to rest & reset to a higher WISDOM.

Joy is easily discovered when we step into our courage & express from our heart the SATYA (truth) we were born to express.  What is TRUTH for you? As the OCEANWAVE is forever part of the Ocean, it is also forever individual & therefore UNIQUE. You are special, worthy & birthed of LOVE because this is so. 

Bhakti (devotion) is the language of the Anahat (HEART), that is, your WILLINGNESS becomes the key unlocking wisdom, karma & dharma ~ your LIFE.

Lotus' inspiration flows from listening intently to the INNER-GUIDANCE every creature is born with.  Feeling disconnected from ESSENCE is a state of imbalance.  Returning to what has always been INFINITE is the foundation ever-present.

If you seek greater FOCUS in your daily routines & patterns you will benefit from what we offer. When you take a moment to GIVE to yourself in a positive, nurturing way reflecting that outward to those you inevitably are connected to, it will reflect back filling & inspiring you.  This is the law of cause & effect.

ACTION is the path that determines the future.  Taking time to know yourself is the ART of living. HERE, one begins to observe all things in utter amazement of the LYRICISM, perfection & timing of that which is pure, gentle, solid in its vulnerability. 

As your actions & those in the play & playfulness of the UNIVERSE affect one another. Only our state during EQUILIBRIUM is unaffected, of it's essential qualities & therefore STILL.  

We will help you so you can return to your nature & feel JOY without stimulation from outside yourself. The PRACTICE of sitting, being unaffected by the dramas of others & entering your inner-voice.  

COURAGEOUS & honest reflection will CRYSTALIZE your mind & body allowing you to learn from every soul you encounter. (Rather than be limited in a psycho-energetic realm of negative qualities such as having fear, lust, greed, hate & deceit).  Align by practicing ACCEPTANCE, compassion & clarity from both EXPERIENCE & discernment; as well as your ACTIONS. 

The unique facets reveal the qualities of the Mandala as desire is KINDLED.  These are the LIGHTthreads,tm, that make us  human in nature. This is Science as well as a concept of Higher-Knowledge.  The IMPULSE creating the hunger for knowledge is the fire inside the STARBURST.

SURRENDER movement into the shimmering sense of BEING.  Lotus' instruction is light, GRACIOUS & easy for everyone to understand.  It is only insecuritIes & fear that disconnect us by being pretentious.  Being profound is just unavoidable.  The depths & the detail of nature are too PERFECT.  

All you need do is OPEN your eyes.

Then close your eyes.  Open your HEART & SEE within.  You will SEE.

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From VULNERABILITY, Your STRENGTH  can BE revealed.

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How Meditation Put Into Action Can Help You

How Meditation Put Into Action Can Help You

How Meditation Put Into Action Can Help You

Over the years I've helped thousands easily achieve deep states of peace, clarity & bliss.  

Demystifying your human & intuitive journey is my journey.

Practical cosmic consciousness you can relate to, you can absorb, because the teachings of my Masters was an EMBODIED wisdom path. I understand that we can & must always BEGIN exactly where we already are. 

Living in a complex world, often our own needs are the first to be forgotten.  Perhaps it is due to the oddity of how it's human nature to believe SELF-CARE is unimportant.  MODERN people are waking up to just how necessary it is.

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            STRENGTH  can BE revealed.

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UNFOLDING & interesting our universal JOURNEY. 

INSPIRATION is curiosity & ability openness to that which is different from what is known to us is always POTENTIAL within us. It is our BIRTHRIGHT.

It is our natural path to follow the FLOW of things while remaining GROUNDED in our CENTERED roots.  This expanding consciousness because of experience while maintaining PRESENCE is the nature of all things.

Lotus' decades of austerity, training & experience has helped a wide variety of students in the scientific principles of BHAKTI YOGA, HATHA YOGA, RAJA YOGA & KRIYA YOGA (which incorporates in-depth knowledge of TANTRA, YANTRA & MANTRA).  

Within the TEMPLE of Self is where TRUE healing takes place. Established PATTERNS of HOLDING express themselves PHYSICALLY & EMOTIONALLY.  Lotus' work EVOLVED into the AJNAyogi,tm, PRACTICE.

 Beginning with being PRESENT the BODY INTUITION knows how to be balanced.  Letting the movement sequences LIBERATE your embodied ENERGY-PATTERNS you will find empowerment by releasing.  As the GENTLENESS & softness of a child, identify & demystify your ATTACHMENTS.

The traditional science of YOGA as a practical resource as well as a psycho-spiritual science very close if not identical to what they are in more recent decades calling QUANTUM physics.  

We welcome you with loving acceptance. Our journey is SHARED & through sharing we all GROW.  Sit, be STILL & experience the frequency or state we are in is already DIVINE & as an EQUAL part of the WHOLE, perfect. 

YOU are a thread in the fabric of the CONTINUUM. Connect here ~



BE the Difference

BE the Difference

BE the Difference

Eni perience makes the difference

SEEthe Reflection ~



Experience ~

BE the Difference

BE the Difference

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BHAKTIheart.  Lotus is a Bhakti Yogi with lifelong devotion to the BhaktiVedanta lineage since 1974.  

Certified in the lineage of Yogananda by Temple of Kriya Yoga, Chicago, preceptor Goswami Kriyananda, Lotus is inspired by the Science of Kriya. 

A Kriyabhan BhaktiYogini Lotus was directly initiated in 2001 to the lineage by Sri DayaMata of Paramahansa Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship. 

Lotus feels a special & deep connection from a magnitude of direct experiences in the realm of synchronicity that have no other explanation.  Including being granted special permission to have Pilgrimage at the Hermitage being present when Sri Daya Mata went into MahaSamadhi.  AUM, HARI AUM, AUM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTHI ~





LOTUS LEVIN has practiced the path of Raja & Hatha Yoga since attending Sivananda Center Chicago in the 1970's.  

Discovering hatha through PBS television's "Lilias Yoga & You" as a young child & practicing the sun & moon routines with her precious, beloved GRANDmother, Lotus felt a natural affinity to the ancient path & practice.

Lotus' personal discovery became a physical embodiment when 4 automobiles crashed into her while she was stopped in traffic on a busy expressway.  Years following ineffective traditional healing, Lotus rejected the medical approaches in favor of what in the 80's/90's was considered the "alternative" holistic path.  This led Lotus to deep inner listening within the flesh.

The discipline of Yoga Certification, Workshops & Trainings combined with a focused & lifelong series of studies in this area.

As owner of Ajna Yoga Chicago this personal transformation & working with thousands became a personal adaptation complimented by the gems of Eastern & Western healing traditions.

Through personal discovery she felt a pull to satsang as a child.  Allowed freedom to explore even as a child, she immediately experienced the love, honesty & devotion attending BhaktiVedanta & other spirit paths.

The paths of compassionate wisdom, yogic martial arts & her subsequent trainings in massage, qi gong, aromatherapy & the like wove the tapestry supporting her curiosity & dedication to healing backpain medical professionals said would never fully heal.

Lotus Levin




Expressed as Ajna Yoga, Chicago & Lotus Healing Sanctuary, Nevada City, California Lotus has advanced the esoteric wisdom by helping to demystify & bring these useful healing tools to the masses.

She has led classes and workshops at many yoga & wellness centers in addition to her studios Ajna Yoga & Lotus Healing Sanctuary.

Lotus' work & teaching has always been the message of inclusivity.

Offering wellness for everyone Lotus blends the best of east west wisdom.

Lotus' healing philosophy is to bridge ancient wisdom with modern insight for freedom in body, mind and spirit in the Now.

Lotus has been on the path of holistic healing since childhood. Her training is extensive and her translation is said to be compassionate, liberating and poetic.

Lotus Levin is recognized at the advanced professional level by the national Yoga Alliance as an E-500 RYT, the highest available standard in the yoga industry.

Lotus has studied with revered masters of the yoga tradition in India, Europe & the United States including the father of Ashtanga (power/flow/vinyasa) yoga Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the father of the science of props and alignment in yoga, BKS Iyengar, Vanda Scaravelli, Swami Visnudevananda, Sri Daya Mata, Sharon and David of Jivamukti Yoga, Ana Forrest and many others. 

There is a tradition to the science which is handed down.  Lotus has been led to well-known masters in ways that confirmed their teachings.

Serving on the Yoga Alliance Outreach Committee Lotus helped the general public understand the practical benefits of yoga for health, disease prevention & mental focus early on helping YA educate schools, clubs & the public early in YA's inception helping to create YA's minimum industry standards which is used extensively as yoga became mainstream in the west in the later 1990's.

Lotus Levin is Certified and has been teaching meditation, yoga and pranayama breathing since 1982 with a focus on releasing pain in the body.

She is a Certified Masssage Therapist since 1998.

Influenced by the whiplash & releasing that pain when traditional medicine failed as well as personally transforming the wisdom keys of the Vedas with a lifetime of studies, her style has a  transformational quality rooted in tradition.

The highly personal practice she developed as effective pain management led to incorporating the higher principles of yoga including meditation & the mind with the physical training & personal empowerment. This combination is Lotus' signature which everyone can benefit.

Lotus is committed to helping students of every level discover their inner healer finding practical enlightenment in daily routines.

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