ApothoVEDA,tm CUSTOM Blends ~

From The Flowers & Fields

ApothoVEDA,tm Custom Blends ~

Inspired by Nature's Apothecary & Ayurveda. 

From The Flowers

From The Flowers

ROSE Petals Chai Tea

ApothoVEDA,tm Petals of LOVE ~

Recipes & Properties from Nature's Apothecary

A ROSE IS A ROSE, a symbol of beauty, grace... she is expressing LOVE. The Rosaceae is a token that opens her many gifts of fragrance, beauty, softness and so much more. ROSE, here's the incredible facts about her HEALING Benefits:

Especially sought after wintertime of year, soothe a sore throat while suppressing coughs. Add cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, turmeric to your elixir of choice, or enjoy the perfectly blended creation awaiting you and build the hearth within. Perhaps clove, turmeric and nutmeg will boost your energy and strengthen immune. Cardomon is a good addition if you suffer from headaches or migraines time to time.

Rishis (original teachers of India) state in the canon, the AtharvaVEDA, the overall, tonifying Rose mends and repairs. Rose is a bounty for living a beautiful life!  

Anti-inflammatory, cooling and hormone balancing, this gentle flower we call Rose aids the gastrointestinal tract, reduces blood glucose, is neuroprotective, digestive and antioxidant. Rose is in my travel kit for her antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Deep peaceful sleep can be enhanced. Our emotions and nerves including sadness or anger can be reduced from ingesting this relative of the cherry, apple, strawberry, pear, plum and even peach.

Fragrant, energy transforming and nurturing... ROSE, a bouquet of health @apothoVEDA,tm. Visit https://lotushealingsanctuary.com/shop-apothoveda%2C-tm

HIGHEST VIBRATION of the garden of the HEART, the feminine ROSE is choice. ApothoVEDA, tm is your Healing Apothocary.for Sanctuary in Vedic Wisdom. This Healing ApothoVEDA.tm tea is only one of the gifts from nature to you.
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This is a comforting beverage and a HEALING ELIXIR. A POTION for body, mind & spirit!

Steep 1 T:
LOTUS Healing Sanctuary APOTHOveda,tm "Petals of LOVE" Ayurvedic Remedy in 8oz. of Full-Fat Organic Whole Cow's Milk.
(Water or Varietal Nuts Milk are great substitutes/additions customize to your preference.)

Add Local Raw Honey or sweetener of choice, if your HEART desires ~

Tridoshic, Balances Sadhaka Pitta (emotions & particularly Heart).
With Honey, Balancing for Water/Earth Kapha Dosha.
Warming, Nourishing, Digestive.

Serve as a Hot or Cold Beverage relative to Season or Intuition.
Infuse as a Healing Bath Soak.
Can Refresh and Hydrate as a Skin Toner.

Enjoy this Healing Sanctuary Elixir Just Like @LotusHealingSanctuary at home or Discover HERE 


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