~ Let Your Heart Shimmer ~

Let Your Heart Shimmer ~ YOGA, AYURVEDA, TOUCH East/West Healing Arts ~

Let Your Heart Shimmer ~ YOGA, AYURVEDA, TOUCH East/West Healing Arts ~

Let Your Heart Shimmer ~ YOGA, AYURVEDA, TOUCH East/West Healing Arts ~Let Your Heart Shimmer ~ YOGA, AYURVEDA, TOUCH East/West Healing Arts ~Let Your Heart Shimmer ~ YOGA, AYURVEDA, TOUCH East/West Healing Arts ~

Spa, Boutique, Classes, Workshops, Retreats & Healing Modalities since 1982

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Your support, contributions & attendance  enables LOTUS HEALING SANCTUARY to teach & INSPIRE freedom & acceptance.

Your generous donation will fund this mission of teaching love, compassion & wisdom through self-improvement & DEDICATION.

Our CENTER is nestled in the Tahoe National Forest.  Set in a pristine SANCTUARY garden, near the SOUTH YUBA RIVER destination for hiking, swimming & outdoor activities. NEVADA CITY historically is known for it's Gold Mining past & Chinese Quarter.  Today, it is a VIBRANT Farmer & Yoga community.

Lotus established the Nevada City, CALIFORNIA Center upon selling Ajna Yoga CHICAGO.  Our MISSION is to continue & expand the teachings of YOGA, AYURVEDA & TOUCH THERAPIES including Massage.  Particularly, under the umbrella of YOGA as a FULL-SPECTRUM SCIENCE, rather than "an exercise modality."

Realizing BEAUTY is the thread that WEAVES the MANDALA, we find GRATITUDE to be our NATURAL state.  Replacing PRIDE with understanding, EGO with emphatic interest &detachment with APPRECIATION, human-kind begins to understand SELF.

Since 1982, DENICE LOTUS LEVIN, Ajna Yoga & Lotus Healing Sanctuary have offered INSIGHT & SANCTUARY to all, particularly through the modalities of EAST/WEST Healing, primarily YOGA, AYURVEDA & TOUCH.

The Center, DESTINATION & Teachings offer the timeless wisdom of BHAKTI, RAJA, HATHA & KRIYA YOGAS --- which include TANTRA, YANTRA & MANTRA:  KRIYA.

LOTUS is a DISCIPLE in the lineage of PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA as a Yoga-KRIYABAHN with Self-Realization Fellowship & TEMPLE OF KRIYA & Preceptor GOSWAMI Kriyananda.  She is an E-500 RYT YOGA ALLIANCE instructor having over THREE decades Professional training in the ART of Yoga.

COMPLIMENTARY to the Science of Yoga, AYURVEDA is offered to feed, nourish &VITALIZE the system.  We offer many Ayurvedic bodywork modalities & ORGANIC root, bark, petals FLOWER & Herbal Products.  Visit our BOUTIQUE for a selection of Gift items, yoga & APOTHECARY items for your at-home Healing EXPERIENCE.

INSPIRED to share with you this lifelong path of the complete SCIENCE of Kriya, the dream  is ever-growing which is inevitable as we continue evolving, CONNECTING & reaching TOWARD THE LIGHT.  We are ALL expanding.  If you don't resonate with this message of the RISHIS, then perhaps you can consider this validation by Science.

Please join Lotus Levin & Lotus Healing Sanctuary for a RETREAT, Workshop, Class or VIRTUAL-TRAINING.  We also offer MASSAGE, yoga & other HEALING services to BALANCE the triune-self (Body, Mind & Spirit, as you define).  

Just as the UNIVERSE is ever-expanding, just like the LOTUS is ever-reaching toward the SUN, every creature is ALIVE with a CREATIVE lifeforce. Through unhealthy patterns, the system becomes clogged with toxins.  All our SERVICES, trainings & everything we OFFER is chosen specifically to ATTUNE us back to our NATURAL & PURE state.

The Center is founded in DEVOTION to the creativity, FREEDOM & inspiration of her childhood as Lotus experienced growing up attending Bhakti Satsanga (with the BHAKTIVEDANTA Center), Vedanta classes (with SIVANANDA CENTER) as well as the wide-variety of other paths she believes she was DESTINED to take part in as a child & on the life path.  

Whether you enjoy a relaxing SPA service, take a CLASS or receive an Ayurvedic or other HEALING treatment, you will be pampered and your time with us is valued.  Gentle, supportive, effective services for PAIN MANAGEMENT & STRESS-REDUCTION rooted in the Vedic sciences.

The father of Analytical PSYCHOLOGY, Karl Jung, was also an avid student of VEDANTA - The Science of YOGA.  It is PURITY of CONSCIOUSNESS leading to SAMADHI which I refer as we REALIZE & purify the Mandala of the MIND.  

The HOLISTIC approach to HAPPINESS, peace & joy extends far beyond exercising the body as "yoga" is typically thought of in today's world of marketing, celebrity & the like.  It truly is a method for complete self-care & RADIANCE. 

Free of dogma or religion, true Yoga is an INCLUSIVE state REVEALING how some of the most popular trainings, though well intended, are contrite. As an ancient PRACTICAL & cosmic divination, YOGA IS...

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Let Your Heart Shimmer, tm ~

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Let Your Heart Shimmer In The Light Of The Sun & Moon, tm ~


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