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Yoga, Meditation & Breath

Reduce stress, increase flexibility and gain strength no matter what your current fitness level may be.

Benefit from profound coordination of movement, breath and mental focus. Flow through fluid positions (vinyasa) to loosen body and mind and stimulate circulation. Experience classical hatha in held positions to encourage relaxation of the nervous system.

Receive specific movement patterns to prevent or rehabilitate injuries as you develop strength, flexibility and stamina.

Instruction is mindful and traditional to the original yoga teachings of India. Finish with lush guided imagery for lasting inner peace and expanding joy.

With over 30 years experience teaching a variety of students, Lotus will guide you personally ensuring safety and maximization of your goals.

It is typical for students of all levels to experience a transformational quality of life in general as their yoga practice develops. Yoga has an amazing way of overlapping into other life areas bringing profound peace, inner-joy and clarity.

Lotus' style is rooted in the tradition of the original yoga texts (Vedas, Tantras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika). These time-tested theories have long been considered science and are not simply "new-age" theories based loosely upon the source teachings. Yoga's scienctific techniques awaken your inner kundalini/sakti (the vitality, inner freedom and joy) that will free your spirit right here, right Now.




Large and small group instruction in yoga, meditation, stress reduction and wellness

Special event, workplace and private instruction

By Appointment

Yoga Therapy
Personalized and specific to meet your needs

By Appointment 

Public Classes
Divine Flow - Vinyasa yoga for all levels (please contact for info)



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