What is Yoga?

Lotus LevinYoga is the science of spiritual psychology.  It deals with states of consciousness.  Yoga is a metaphysical science relating to the elements of the physical world.  It corresponds to states of the mind and body.

In yoga psychology, emotions are considered to be forms of energy that are angular.  The more our energy-field becomes angular, the greater volatility in the personality.

The task of yoga, which is a Sanskrit word meaning to yoke, is to yoke our angular emotions into our center channel of energy which is linear.  Linear energy flows with feeling, not with emotionality.

The energetic physiology of manifest form (such as humans) is as follows:

The Self – we are 3 bodies surrounded by 5 vibrational sheaths.  These sheaths can be thought of as our individual aura fields and are temporal.  They are transitory manifestations within the greater spirit body of Atma (ultimate spirit self).  The 3 bodies are gross, subtle and super-subtle (present life self of karmic resonance, total karmic seeds, pure and true self beyond the patterns of karma).

Running through these vibrational energy-fields are pathways of our fundamental energy as individuals.  The ancient texts refer to 72,000 of these nadis with 3 being primary.  These paths are the choices we make.

Ida (the moon), Pingala (the sun), Sushumna (yoga or divine fire) channels.  The moon channel runs along the left side of the individual and carries the current of emotion.  The sun runs along the right and carries the current of reason.  The center channel is the sushumanic pathway of non-emotional pure-consciousness.

When we can center ourselves using the 8-fold path of ashtanga yoga (such as through techniques of meditation (dhyana) and posture (asana) which are two of these important keys); I invite you to practice yoga with me or any teacher.  Yoga can help us to activate the spiritual centers in the super-subtle body (causal body) through the chakras (Sanskrit word meaning wheel).  Through these wheel like gears our energy runs linear or it busts out becoming angular.

Cultivating awareness of our yogic-energy bodies helps us to easily navigate the nature of our life and how we are responding in body and mind.  Then, more importantly, how we are raising our consciousness or remaining stagnant.

No circle, is more circular, than any other circle.    In other words, just choose a practice, whatever suits your nature.  It matters not what path you choose, any road will take you there.

About Lotus

Lotus Levin is a Master Tantrika, recognized at the advanced Professional Level by the National Yoga Alliance as an E-500 RYT yoga and meditation specialist. Lotus has been known for her compassionate, authentic style since 1982. Specializing in therapeutic yoga, massage and ayurvedic bodywork Lotus offers the authentic and traditional wellness methods of India.
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9 Responses to What is Yoga?

  1. Melanie L Bowen says:

    Hi there!

    I have a quick question about your blog! Please email me when you get a chance.


  2. georgann chiozza says:

    Your site is beautiful, Lotus. I have missed you and want to thank you again for the lovely (and loving) class at the Cehans this past winter. I look forward to following your blog and hopefully seeing you again soon. Namaste, Georgann

    • admin says:

      Namaste. Thank you so much for the kind words. We see beauty especially when we ourselves are beautiful. You are. I enjoyed seeing you in yoga very much and know our paths shall again cross. Please send my love to the group.

  3. Stewart Gerdon says:

    Happy to be one with the tribe!

  4. Wayne Lewis says:

    I miss you and your teaching/sharing style of the authentic hatha yoga. I have tried the class of your replacement at the gym, but it is to athletic for me. I am not sure if it was her class or the arobic silver sneakers class, but my left hip joint is injured…I am recouperating.
    I am considering attending your classes regardless of my year contract with the gym.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Wayne ~
      I miss you too and would love to see you anytime. Please check out this link: http://www.lotushealingsanctuary.com/workshops.html

      Here you can see upcoming workshops I am offering and you can easily register just by clicking. In addition to these workshops private yoga with groups and individuals is available so I can always see you in that capacity. If you subscribe to the blog (look in the top right corner for the subscribe link) you’ll be certain to be the first to know as I add classes and workshops too. I hope that helps some. Feel free to call me anytime if you’d like to come in for a massage too. Massage might help your hip. I’m sorry your hip was injured in Kirsten’s class at the South Yuba Club. That’s why I’m always very careful to offer modifications for all levels of students and an advocate of advanced training recognized by Yoga Alliance (for example, I’m at 500 plus hours which is their highest standard). Especially in club environments wherein you don’t receive the personal attention you would at a proper studio. Yoga Alliance was specifically established to help safeguard students when aerobics and instructors from other fields began entering the yoga industry en mass about a decade ago. Please let me know if I can help you with massage, yoga therapy, etc. Prema ~

  5. Sarah says:

    Will you be doing a workshop on this topic? It sounds like astrology, is yoga related to astrology?

  6. Julie says:

    that banner photo is so pretty!

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