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Welcome to ‘Lotus Blooms’ (my blog).  The intent is to, over time, touch upon various concepts of the practice of Yoga through sharing.  We are divine community and we can really know this through communication.  I feel an auspicious beginning is to simply look at last Sunday’s Sadhana ~ which was simply divine.

Mahat vs. Citta. What are we identifying with? Is it the greatest cosmic intelligence, source of all divine flow; or has it been our individuality and sense of self? Can we shift our consciousness? How can we change that which is habitual, patterned, karmic?

Simple awareness in action. Perceptions come and perceptions go. We are constantly receiving information through the senses and then taking action (jnanandriyas, karmendriyas). However, if we can stay steady maintaining awareness we will recognize that change is always taking place and therefore not get hung up in the shifts.

With practice, maintaining the realization that beneath the ripples is always the constant ~ source energy ~ we can more easily shift our identification from the temporary to the constancy which is identification with the underlying source intelligence.

Remember, use your life well as it is a beautiful gift. Seek Moksha (liberation), not Bhoga (pleasures) and Roga (afflictions) which serve to distract.

Thank you for being. You are divine flow ~ Lotus Levin

About Lotus

Lotus Levin is a Master Tantrika, recognized at the advanced Professional Level by the National Yoga Alliance as an E-500 RYT yoga and meditation specialist. Lotus has been known for her compassionate, authentic style since 1982. Specializing in therapeutic yoga, massage and ayurvedic bodywork Lotus offers the authentic and traditional wellness methods of India.
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6 Responses to Sadhana

  1. matthew says:

    This discussion of Sadhana and alignment with divine will reminds me of a discussion I had recently on volition, and “will” forces. The distinction was made between “willingness” and “willfulness”. The latter generally comes forth from the Ego, where the former from a surrender to what is so, or with good grace, the divine source. To live a life based in “thy will be done” is a form of “willingness.” The art would be to align ones “willfulness” willingly with divine will! The problem here should not be misunderstood as “ego”, but rather as misplaced or immature ego. When ego is balanced and healthy, it is willingly in alignment with divine will.

    Lotus, would you say this is related to the message you are sharing here?

    • admin says:

      Beautifully said Matthew. I couldn’t agree more. When that which is false appears as true, ahamkara (the ego principle) is creating to idea of separateness (that individuals are the creators). Reality is that while individuals have free-will to express themselves and therefore become realized creatures, we are never truly separate from source.

  2. Dan says:

    You’re an amazing teacher Lotus. I didn’t know this and thank you for the wisdom behind the asanas. Subscribed and looking forward to more! See ya Wednesday.

  3. Sarah says:

    Beautiful words to live by. Your yoga classes make us better at our life challenges.

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