New Year’s Intention

Inhale, Exhale, ahhhhh….  Enjoy a long sigh and an easy, very short and therefore very achievable way to welcome the new year with a meditation practice that will help keep you centered on the path of life.

meditationAs 2014 greets us, it is customary to formulate some new resolutions.  As 2014 greets us, her transitions can even bring new unexpected resolutions.  Together, these are our intentions. 

Intentions are useful to propel us forward with inspiration.  However, often we find ourselves falling into patterns we have tried to kick because they are easy or habitual.  From that place, we all could leave our ideals behind, it need not be the way we live.

I often hear the complaint that meditation is too difficult or there is not enough time in the day.  To this I say, do you have :30 seconds a day to honor your beneficial intensions?  Paraphrasing one of my teachers, Goswami Kriyananda, once you discover the sensation of transcendence you will never forget it.  Once you experience this state of body-mind you will never feel the pressure to spend a “prescribed length of time” meditating because it is unnecessary.  Meditative joy will come naturally to you anytime you focus.

Here is the key, change your attitude.  Attitude creates karma as it energizes our intentions.  Meditation is a tool to shift our attitude and therefore dissolve our karma.  This is the goal.  Taking even a short time-out each day to meditate can focus our body-minds and help us stick to our new year’s resolutions.  Follow this simple meditation below and see for yourself.

My teacher, Goswami Kriyananda also said  “follow your breath, let the breath breathe you.”  It’s that simple.  Do not try to control the breath because that impulse to control takes us into the ego-state (either Ida or Pingala nadi).  Get into the center state instead (Sushumna nadi).  Follow the feeling you can sense deep in the innermost core of your spine.  Let the breath breathe itself here.  Don’t change it, don’t force it, don’t try to control.  Simply allow your breath to become more and more shallow.  You will automatically transcend the ego-self and become the fire channel of the bliss state. 

From here, Buddists call this state Nirvana, Yogis call this state Samadhi, you literally are unable to hold judgment, here energy is muted and you can simply “be”.  It’s that quick, it’s that easy because it’s our natural state.  Happy New Year!

About Lotus

Lotus Levin is a Master Tantrika, recognized at the advanced Professional Level by the National Yoga Alliance as an E-500 RYT yoga and meditation specialist. Lotus has been known for her compassionate, authentic style since 1982. Specializing in therapeutic yoga, massage and ayurvedic bodywork Lotus offers the authentic and traditional wellness methods of India.
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