Medicine of the Mountain

White Light Crystal.

White Light can be seen in many forms at Shasta.

Meditating on the mountain of Shasta truly is a magical, mystical experience.  Called a spirit portal by so many, Shasta is a Sanskrit word meaning teacher.  The energy of the mountain draws awareness inward and upward to the consciousness summit where personal realization meets collective consciousness.  This is the seat of the greatest teacher of them all ~ the inner insight of your own third eye.  Portal into spirit and ancestral realm and beyond the mundane.

Called “Guru Cakra” by the avatars of yoga, it is here that Mt. Shasta’s energy plugs little mind into the matrix of expanded vision.  Focus can come from advanced kriyas with intention upon this inner magnet, or, we can have unintentional shifts that expand taking mind and body into uncharted territories.  This is the nature of Shasta.

Purification must begin the journey up the mountain.  Respect and purification must continue along the path.  Looking for medicine to purify the blackness of the Guatemala jaguar with the whiteness of true karma, heaven was encountered right here on earth, right here close to home.

First encounter was at Lower McCloud Falls.  Hiking, swimming and playing in the sun and water we could feel our creativity and power within.  Resting over the hot stones absorbing the energy of lava, a Winnemem Wintu grandmother sat next to me and said I had wisdom of the fishes ways.  I looked into the eyes of a line of 8 fishes and replied I know of these ways from grandfather, but feel the fear in their hearts.  Thank you river, thank you grandfather, thank you grandmother, thank you fishes for your stories and so many hours with you.  We trek to the middle falls and save the upper falls for another day.

Second encounter was in meditation with the trees, meditation through volcanic ashen woods, meditation along watery marshlands leading to Panther Meadows.  Resting on the earth and becoming one with great mother.  A soft bath at my feet and flowers of wild at my eyes.  A deep dharana folding into a trickling chorus of butterflies and water over rocks.  Samadhi is here and now.

One with modernity, I video the heartrock that is shapeshifting into Rishikesh here in California.  An effervescence of water drifts me to the great teacher’s snowy summit.  Feeling a certain quenching of soul, the snow becomes the mouth of god, sky opens earth and reveals the most perfect white heart ~ clear, and only in the camera lens of the seer.  My partner is amazed upon viewing my film.  A beautiful experience is shared.

Returning to town or to the gathering, we meet a man, an American sadhu, who stops me to tell me he knows I’m going to the gathering.  He just spoke there and knows that I have been blessed by the angels and saints.  The Saints are asking me to hear the sound of silver.

In town, at the gathering, everywhere for three years now, I am being told Saint Germaine is looking for me.  Who is he, why has he asked me to visit the mountain and what is he trying to tell me?  I spend a day holding sacred stones.  Crystals of all sizes and colors.  I return to the hotel and jacuzzi waters manifest an effulgent rose quartz.  The stone of the heart when it is soft is opening my chest and I can’t stop drinking from the crystal geyser.  Waters cascade through me.  I am so quenched.  I must share this healing stone, it has the  power to give pure ananda.

Third encounter, I find the stone, I place it in my medicine bag and wander.  We go everywhere, it is all dissolving me.  Ascended masters Saint Germaine, Saint Francis of Assisi and Babaji bring crystal flames of violet-white.  Held in sacred pools of water and light, everyone I meet is a soul of delight.  I look forward to returning.  I also look forward to home.  Medicine of the Mountain ~ Panther Meadows ~I AM.

About Lotus

Lotus Levin is a Master Tantrika, recognized at the advanced Professional Level by the National Yoga Alliance as an E-500 RYT yoga and meditation specialist. Lotus has been known for her compassionate, authentic style since 1982. Specializing in therapeutic yoga, massage and ayurvedic bodywork Lotus offers the authentic and traditional wellness methods of India.
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