Accepting Registration Now for Fall Equinox Workshop

Folding Into Fall Workshop

Folding Into Fall Workshop






About Lotus

Lotus Levin is a Master Tantrika, recognized at the advanced Professional Level by the National Yoga Alliance as an E-500 RYT yoga and meditation specialist. Lotus has been known for her compassionate, authentic style since 1982. Specializing in therapeutic yoga, massage and ayurvedic bodywork Lotus offers the authentic and traditional wellness methods of India.
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  1. admin says:

    Fall is the cornerstone in the cycle of time when to be in harmony means to conserve vitality. Learn techniques to bring nourishing energy forward through the winter.

    Restorative Yoga, accessible for everyone, will create an experience of peace, calm and centering. Bring summer’s life-force Prana inward to feed your soul throughout the winter and fold into the bio-rhythm of the fall equinox. We we explore the specific ancient tools that have been time-tested and proven effective for the conservation of energy.

    Please join us if you want to experience the magic of kriya hatha yoga or if you are simply feeling tight or stressed out. This afternoon will be especially beneficial for those rehabilitating injuries and those seeking support for the mind and nerves.

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