What is your Dharma?

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New Year’s Intention

Inhale, Exhale, ahhhhh….  Enjoy a long sigh and an easy, very short and therefore very achievable way to welcome the new year with a meditation practice that will help keep you centered on the path of life.

meditationAs 2014 greets us, it is customary to formulate some new resolutions.  As 2014 greets us, her transitions can even bring new unexpected resolutions.  Together, these are our intentions. 

Intentions are useful to propel us forward with inspiration.  However, often we find ourselves falling into patterns we have tried to kick because they are easy or habitual.  From that place, we all could leave our ideals behind, it need not be the way we live.

I often hear the complaint that meditation is too difficult or there is not enough time in the day.  To this I say, do you have :30 seconds a day to honor your beneficial intensions?  Paraphrasing one of my teachers, Goswami Kriyananda, once you discover the sensation of transcendence you will never forget it.  Once you experience this state of body-mind you will never feel the pressure to spend a “prescribed length of time” meditating because it is unnecessary.  Meditative joy will come naturally to you anytime you focus.

Here is the key, change your attitude.  Attitude creates karma as it energizes our intentions.  Meditation is a tool to shift our attitude and therefore dissolve our karma.  This is the goal.  Taking even a short time-out each day to meditate can focus our body-minds and help us stick to our new year’s resolutions.  Follow this simple meditation below and see for yourself.

My teacher, Goswami Kriyananda also said  “follow your breath, let the breath breathe you.”  It’s that simple.  Do not try to control the breath because that impulse to control takes us into the ego-state (either Ida or Pingala nadi).  Get into the center state instead (Sushumna nadi).  Follow the feeling you can sense deep in the innermost core of your spine.  Let the breath breathe itself here.  Don’t change it, don’t force it, don’t try to control.  Simply allow your breath to become more and more shallow.  You will automatically transcend the ego-self and become the fire channel of the bliss state. 

From here, Buddists call this state Nirvana, Yogis call this state Samadhi, you literally are unable to hold judgment, here energy is muted and you can simply “be”.  It’s that quick, it’s that easy because it’s our natural state.  Happy New Year!

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Meditation techniques to help prevent holiday burnout.

legs up the wall

Legs up the wall (Viparita Karani)

Centering and restful.  Just 3 to 15 minutes simply lying on your back with legs elevated can do wonders for lowering blood pressure and calming the mind.  As your heart opens to spirit, discover the true gifts of the season.  

Place a pillow or specially designed “yoga bolster” beneath your hips to help elevate the lower body away from the heart, this is optional.  

Turn off your phone’s ringer(s) and other possible sound intrusions.  Locate a clean, well ventilated place where you won’t be distracted.  You’re simply looking for a place that’s comfortable.

Lying back with legs supported against any vertical surface (such as a wall or even a bed if this feels more accessable), close your eyes and externally rotate your arms from the shoulders down to the palms opening the chest and heart.  This shouldn’t feel fussy, just relaxing and nurturing.  Now your palms, chest and mind will be gently facing the skies.  Rest beneath the magnitude and area of this vast unknown magical space.

Bring your attention to the weight of your own body.  Notice the areas where it is feeling heavy.  Give in, completely, to this sensation of being deeply connected to the earth.  Begin to even notice a slight sense of merging into the source of all our existence, mother earth.  Let her hold you.  Give to her whatever thoughts are stirring around your mind.

Find your breath and notice the refreshing softness of each and every new breath.  This discovery doesn’t need to be a big sensation, just a subtle attention to that feeling of flow and movement within.

There is a beautiful delicate feeling to each and every inhalation even though those very breaths are so powerful— fueling, in fact, our vitality.  Feeling the easy expansion of the chest, lungs and the spiritual heart upon each inhale, let inhales soften the furthest boundaries of interior space, expanding self softly outward.  

Allow natural letting go sensations to take place upon each exhalation.  As you give your breath back to the universe, the earth cradles you more fully taking your tensions and like an electrical current “grounding” your energy.  Trust this unknown phenomena and let yourself be pulled into gravity.

Perhaps some quiet meditative music is playing in the background of your environment or the sound patterns of your own breath is creating a focal point for your thoughts.  Initially feel your attention moving more and more into this quiet space, eventually moving your focus to just the sounds of breathing.  As thoughts come, witness them and then without judgment or time spent upon them, let them go.  You can always return to them later.

Allow each consecutive breath to anchor your mind more and more noticing how thoughts are just like waves on the surface of an ocean.  Like waves, coming and wanting your attention, they then flow away as the next wave of thought moves in.  With breath upon breath gently coming and going never feel a desire to grasp or hold onto any particular breath.  Just surrender to the sounds and sensations of each easy breath and their movement through your mind and body.  Eventually, the waves will become simply ocean and your mind will merge into that universal space.  Here, the ocean in your mind will become smooth and mirror-like, reflecting the ocean of universe that has cradled the planet since it began.

Realize your breath is the link to your true spirit.  Ride the waves of vital breath to wherever they go.  If a positive thought occurs to you, allow that idea to guide you for awhile.  Inhaling, manifesting this vibration of energy that has been gifted to you.  Exhaling, letting it go so you can move on to the unknown new beauty that awaits you this holiday season.

Life is a witnessing experience.  You are the witness to the series of events that take place.  The things that feel good, the things that feel bad– they are all part of the same experience of witnessing.  Be present with the vibration within you and without you this holiday season.  

Be open in the area of your heart and how it is feeling as you traverse these holiday activities.  Take care and discover your heart’s song and therefore purpose in any and all social and private settings.  Remembering,  when we are connected easily, softly and gently to the universe through the antenna of our heart we will live life to the fullest.  

Centered upon heart and spirit anytime is easy to do when we incorporate this simple yoga technique into our routine.  Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) is the perfect antidote to the stimuli of a busy holiday schedule, let it keep you in harmony.

Season’s Greetings!

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Raw Silk Detoxification Massage

Slough dead skin, Alkalize the blood, Promote lymphatic drainage.

Garshana is an energizing Ayurvedic treatment for your largest organ — your skin.

Your skin will be cleared of dead cells and circulation will be dramatically increased in preparation for a soothing, warmed organic oil massage. 

Call 530-265-8811 to schedule your session ~roses

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Sister Sciences

massage and yogaYoga can be combined with massage for relaxation with improved flexibility and circulation. Massage and yoga help you become more flexible, with yoga increasing your ability to stretch and massage increasing the natural lubricants in the body’s connective tissue. Both increase oxygen in the blood and muscles. Schedule a yoga therapy session and massage today, you may feel so tranquil you’ll want to bask in the peaceful feeling for the rest of the day. Namaste

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The Vitamins, Minerals and Benefits of Oil Massage

Ayurvedic Oil Massage helps boost immunity, strengthen bones and improves circulation.  Unlike massage with synthetic blends which are commonly used, Lotus Healing Sanctuary uses oils that are pure, USDA organic (free of herbicides and pesticides) and unrefined which keeps skin radiant with antioxidant properties that combat free radicals which cause wrinkling.

The focus of this post is the Abhyanga Massage Ritual where Lotus uses only pure, organic, expeller cold-pressed and heat cured sesame oil as prescribed in the ancient yogic texts.  The sesame seed (Sesamum Indicum) is a tiny seed bursting with energy.  Protected by an outer shell the seeds open upon ripening (thus the saying “open sesame!”).  abhyanga massageAt this time the seeds are rich in calcium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, thiamine and magnesium!

This massage ritual helps lubricate and tone skin, muscles and joints; particularly beneficial for those of Vata dosha and in the dry season as we prepare for our springtime full bloom.    The gentle massage helps eliminate toxins hiding deep in the blood stream nourishing us with linoleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid, vitamins A, B and E and minerals.

Schedule a session for yourself.  abhyanga massage nevada cityIn addition to all the wonderful benefits already mentioned, Abhyanga Massage Ritual is absolutely the perfect remedy for sharpening the mind’s alertness and putting stressful worries to rest.  Consider upgrading to the Sirodhara Ritual which includes the Abhyanga Ritual at Lotus Healing Sanctuary.  By appointment only:  530-265-8811 and info@lotushealingsanctuary.com


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Buddha the Yogi

YOGA is literally the union of the individual with that which is infinite.  Receiving what is called “the buddhi” makes each of us a living Buddha, that is, living as spirit energy through all that is ordinary and mundane.

The goal of all spiritual practices, not only Yoga, is the attainment of super-consciousness.  In Yoga, there is a particular variety of practices (Sadhana) that make Yoga unique from other religious traditions.

Yoga focuses upon harnessing Prana (life-force vitalizing breath).  This energy is the fundamental creative force that gives life to all creatures large, small, seen and unseen.  Yoga has a rich tradition of techniques to control and direct this special life-force between mind and body through a variety of processes such as meditation and postures.  The emphasis of Yoga is the direct union and flow with this universal energy.

Learning the means to control prana brings awareness, clarity and power to your life unlike any mere exercise program.  Through Pranayama (controlling the valves of prana) a materialization of buddhi (a.k.a. siva/sakti consciousness, buddha-consciousness) transforms you from within.  You become not witness, but you witness you the practitioner.  You are creating and doing.  You are a living Buddha.

Yoga has now awakened you to the realization that everything in the universe is your body and your mind. You are the practical instrument of pranic energy receiving and transmiting as the shape of your thoughts (meditations) and actions (asana). 

Let me know your thoughts and stay tuned for more lotus blooms and bloggings.

buddha was a yogi

buddha was a yogi


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Sirodhara Ayurvedic 3rd Eye Massage

sirodhara ayurvedic 3rd eye massage
sirodhara ayurvedic 3rd eye massage

Treatment begins with a sensual Abyanga massage to relax and settle you.

A blissful river of warmed sesame oil herbed with ayurvedic plants begins to flow over the Ajna Chakra (3rd eye marma) and minor marmas (healing Indian Acupoints).

Feel deeply pacified and relaxed in mind, emotions and body.  Ultra-gentle, ultra-soothing.  A tonic for the nerves.

Allow at least 15 additional minutes after treatment to enjoy warm herbal tea and soak in the calm.


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Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage in Nevada City

hot stone massage nevada city

stress melting hot stone massage


melt stress and tension with a soothing hot stone massage the next time you’re in nevada city/grass valley, california.

lotus healing sanctuary always uses 100% organic essential and plant oils for their healing properties.  unlike many therapists, we never use synthetic blends.

appointments are scheduled in advance at: 530-265-8811


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Medicine of the Mountain

White Light Crystal.

White Light can be seen in many forms at Shasta.

Meditating on the mountain of Shasta truly is a magical, mystical experience.  Called a spirit portal by so many, Shasta is a Sanskrit word meaning teacher.  The energy of the mountain draws awareness inward and upward to the consciousness summit where personal realization meets collective consciousness.  This is the seat of the greatest teacher of them all ~ the inner insight of your own third eye.  Portal into spirit and ancestral realm and beyond the mundane.

Called “Guru Cakra” by the avatars of yoga, it is here that Mt. Shasta’s energy plugs little mind into the matrix of expanded vision.  Focus can come from advanced kriyas with intention upon this inner magnet, or, we can have unintentional shifts that expand taking mind and body into uncharted territories.  This is the nature of Shasta.

Purification must begin the journey up the mountain.  Respect and purification must continue along the path.  Looking for medicine to purify the blackness of the Guatemala jaguar with the whiteness of true karma, heaven was encountered right here on earth, right here close to home.

First encounter was at Lower McCloud Falls.  Hiking, swimming and playing in the sun and water we could feel our creativity and power within.  Resting over the hot stones absorbing the energy of lava, a Winnemem Wintu grandmother sat next to me and said I had wisdom of the fishes ways.  I looked into the eyes of a line of 8 fishes and replied I know of these ways from grandfather, but feel the fear in their hearts.  Thank you river, thank you grandfather, thank you grandmother, thank you fishes for your stories and so many hours with you.  We trek to the middle falls and save the upper falls for another day.

Second encounter was in meditation with the trees, meditation through volcanic ashen woods, meditation along watery marshlands leading to Panther Meadows.  Resting on the earth and becoming one with great mother.  A soft bath at my feet and flowers of wild at my eyes.  A deep dharana folding into a trickling chorus of butterflies and water over rocks.  Samadhi is here and now.

One with modernity, I video the heartrock that is shapeshifting into Rishikesh here in California.  An effervescence of water drifts me to the great teacher’s snowy summit.  Feeling a certain quenching of soul, the snow becomes the mouth of god, sky opens earth and reveals the most perfect white heart ~ clear, and only in the camera lens of the seer.  My partner is amazed upon viewing my film.  A beautiful experience is shared.

Returning to town or to the gathering, we meet a man, an American sadhu, who stops me to tell me he knows I’m going to the gathering.  He just spoke there and knows that I have been blessed by the angels and saints.  The Saints are asking me to hear the sound of silver.

In town, at the gathering, everywhere for three years now, I am being told Saint Germaine is looking for me.  Who is he, why has he asked me to visit the mountain and what is he trying to tell me?  I spend a day holding sacred stones.  Crystals of all sizes and colors.  I return to the hotel and jacuzzi waters manifest an effulgent rose quartz.  The stone of the heart when it is soft is opening my chest and I can’t stop drinking from the crystal geyser.  Waters cascade through me.  I am so quenched.  I must share this healing stone, it has the  power to give pure ananda.

Third encounter, I find the stone, I place it in my medicine bag and wander.  We go everywhere, it is all dissolving me.  Ascended masters Saint Germaine, Saint Francis of Assisi and Babaji bring crystal flames of violet-white.  Held in sacred pools of water and light, everyone I meet is a soul of delight.  I look forward to returning.  I also look forward to home.  Medicine of the Mountain ~ Panther Meadows ~I AM.

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What is Yoga?

Lotus LevinYoga is the science of spiritual psychology.  It deals with states of consciousness.  Yoga is a metaphysical science relating to the elements of the physical world.  It corresponds to states of the mind and body.

In yoga psychology, emotions are considered to be forms of energy that are angular.  The more our energy-field becomes angular, the greater volatility in the personality.

The task of yoga, which is a Sanskrit word meaning to yoke, is to yoke our angular emotions into our center channel of energy which is linear.  Linear energy flows with feeling, not with emotionality.

The energetic physiology of manifest form (such as humans) is as follows:

The Self – we are 3 bodies surrounded by 5 vibrational sheaths.  These sheaths can be thought of as our individual aura fields and are temporal.  They are transitory manifestations within the greater spirit body of Atma (ultimate spirit self).  The 3 bodies are gross, subtle and super-subtle (present life self of karmic resonance, total karmic seeds, pure and true self beyond the patterns of karma).

Running through these vibrational energy-fields are pathways of our fundamental energy as individuals.  The ancient texts refer to 72,000 of these nadis with 3 being primary.  These paths are the choices we make.

Ida (the moon), Pingala (the sun), Sushumna (yoga or divine fire) channels.  The moon channel runs along the left side of the individual and carries the current of emotion.  The sun runs along the right and carries the current of reason.  The center channel is the sushumanic pathway of non-emotional pure-consciousness.

When we can center ourselves using the 8-fold path of ashtanga yoga (such as through techniques of meditation (dhyana) and posture (asana) which are two of these important keys); I invite you to practice yoga with me or any teacher.  Yoga can help us to activate the spiritual centers in the super-subtle body (causal body) through the chakras (Sanskrit word meaning wheel).  Through these wheel like gears our energy runs linear or it busts out becoming angular.

Cultivating awareness of our yogic-energy bodies helps us to easily navigate the nature of our life and how we are responding in body and mind.  Then, more importantly, how we are raising our consciousness or remaining stagnant.

No circle, is more circular, than any other circle.    In other words, just choose a practice, whatever suits your nature.  It matters not what path you choose, any road will take you there.

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close up tingshaNamaste ~

Welcome to ‘Lotus Blooms’ (my blog).  The intent is to, over time, touch upon various concepts of the practice of Yoga through sharing.  We are divine community and we can really know this through communication.  I feel an auspicious beginning is to simply look at last Sunday’s Sadhana ~ which was simply divine.

Mahat vs. Citta. What are we identifying with? Is it the greatest cosmic intelligence, source of all divine flow; or has it been our individuality and sense of self? Can we shift our consciousness? How can we change that which is habitual, patterned, karmic?

Simple awareness in action. Perceptions come and perceptions go. We are constantly receiving information through the senses and then taking action (jnanandriyas, karmendriyas). However, if we can stay steady maintaining awareness we will recognize that change is always taking place and therefore not get hung up in the shifts.

With practice, maintaining the realization that beneath the ripples is always the constant ~ source energy ~ we can more easily shift our identification from the temporary to the constancy which is identification with the underlying source intelligence.

Remember, use your life well as it is a beautiful gift. Seek Moksha (liberation), not Bhoga (pleasures) and Roga (afflictions) which serve to distract.

Thank you for being. You are divine flow ~ Lotus Levin

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Accepting Registration Now for Fall Equinox Workshop

Folding Into Fall Workshop

Folding Into Fall Workshop






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Journey into Consciousness (Activating the Quantum)

trishula-silouette.jpgSunday, May 6, 2012, 10 am – 5:00 pm, Full Life Yoga Studio, 204 Providence Mine Road, Nevada City, California

Activate ecstatic power and joy through traditional meditations, alchemical sound, movement and breath.
Tantra Yoga is one of the first holistic healing sciences. Tantra holds wisdoms for releasing pain patterns while expanding renewal of body and mind through living in spirit.

As a Bhakta, Initiated Kriyabahn, Certified Yogini and Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Lotus has over 30 years experience helping a wide variety of people.  She is loving, playful and nurturing and has dedicated this life to helping you through your process of embodied consciousness.  Shake off winter and receive clarity on how to become more pain-free, focused and advanced in the practice of living yoga in this full-length Spring Immersion.

Immersion Highlights:

Resting into present moment, beta brain wave state (restorative yoga and meditation)

Connecting microcosm to macrocosm (philosophy of the psychospiritual science of yoga, pranayama breathing techniques and sattvic (pure) intention) ~

Awakening the Chakra Wheels, alpha brain wave state (intoning, essential oils and yantra) ~

Kindling the inner-fire to build energy and loosen winter stiffness (kundalini kriyas)

Distributing the prana (yoga asana postures for cosmic circulation building flexibility and strength) ~

Satsang Puja ceremonies (mantra prayers to the gods and goddesses activating the cosmic continuum) ~

Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation, theta wave state of deep relaxation instilling tangible calm ~

Guided Visualization realizing your intended state in the tangible now, delta wave state ~

This immersion is limited in size to optimize your experience.  Now is the time to activate your quantum blueprint. Continue reading

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Divine Flow Yoga with Lotus


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Yoga in Lisbon ~

tree aliciaTake a break from the ice and cold and join us for a 6-Day Yoga retreat for all levels.  This is an opportunity to explore the coastal charm of the Portuguese capital, enjoy yoga, good food and so much more.

Trip leaves from Sacramento on March 17, 2012.

Approximate Cost: $1,200. without air and includes accommodations, welcome dinner, breakfast, and daily yoga/meditation session.
There is limited space on this retreat so if you are interested contact Jan Fishler: 530-277-9173, janfishler@gmail.com ASAP.

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Yoga in Guatemala ~

Lotus Levin

21 Day Journey:
December 17, 2011 – January 7, 2012

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Let your heart shimmer in the light of the sun & the moon ~

close up tingsha

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Om Namah Sivayah

Lotus Levin Sacred Elements

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