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Relaxing massage for stress-management and pain relief.

Swedish A gentle massage using smooth gliding strokes, generally towards the heart which increase oxygen through the bloodstream. Stretching, rocking, kneading, friction and tapping may be employed to relax tense muscles. Ligaments and tendons are lengthened helping maintain suppleness and pliability. The skin and nervous system are soothed with organic seed and flower based oils.

Deep Tissue Chronic patterns of tension are released from deep layers of muscle tissue through massage strokes which are both slow and direct through deep pressure and friction upon the fibers of muscles, tendons and fascia. An effective technique for those who are physically active or those who lead sedentary lives. Perfect for anyone who has pain they would like to manage in a direct way.

Hot Stone Heated living stones are placed along the spine, hands, feet and key muscles to relax tension and impart a sense of grounding. Gentle massage with acupressure fascilitaties muscle unwind, rest and energetic balancing. Nurturing and grounding.

Chakra Crystal Energy attunement of the vibrational body utilizing Vedic breath technique, sound, yantra, crystals and color. Key marma points (acupoints) are brought into balance to loosen karmic knots in the triune self. Flowing finishing massage strokes clear energy blockages through the nadis (rivers of subtle energy) to the chakras (main energy wheels of emotion that connect spirit to body).

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100% Organic
All massage services include organic seed and flower oils

Oils are selected specifically for you at each service to support your ever-changing and important needs

You may always request unscented organic oil or cream (please note - creams may contain synthetics which is why we prefer pure organic oils)


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Relaxing Massage