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Facial Oils


Jojoba, avocado, rosehip seed, and vitamin E oils combined with a unique Vata-balancing essential oil blend.

Particularly beneficial for skin that is chronically dry or maturing.

Primary ayurvedic attributes: warming, grounding, calming.
Jojoba Oil - repairs/protects
Avocado Oil - hydrates, nourishes, high in protein, Vit. A, E, C, and potassium (the "youth" mineral)
Rosehip Seed oil - restorative for dry/mature skin
Vitamin E - repairs and rejuvenates
Rosewood - regenerative, relaxes wrinkles, warming, steadying, uplifting when stressed
Rose Geranium - warming, relaxes and eases pain, healing, reduces anxiety and nervousness
Rose - hydrating, rejuvenating, relaxing, sensual, balances mood swings
Palmarose - regenerative, toning for mature skin, nourishing, relieves nervous exhaustion
Neroli - stimulates new growth, moisturizing, reduces anxiety before stressful events, improves depth of rest and level of self-confidence
Carrot Seed - improves tone and elasticity, nourishes dry and mature skin.


Jojoba, apricot, grapeseed, and vitamin E oils combined a unique Kapha-balancing essential oil blend. Benefits Kapha-type skin and complexions that easily get congested.

Primary Ayurvedic Attributes: warming, rich, luxurious.
Jojoba - repairs, protects, and helps ease congestion
Apricot Seed Oil - light and warming
Grapeseed Oil - light, yet nourishing
Orange - stimulates flow in lymph and circulation, uplifting
Bergamot - balances sebum, reduces perspiration, curbs appetite, lifts spirits
Rosemary - atiseptic, stimulating to nervous system, reduces cellulite, cleansing, clarity, will strengthening
Juniper Berry - reduces congestion, stimulates circulation, helps with letting go and breaking limitations.





Vata Facial Oil




Unlimited Mind Vata Facial Oil

1 oz.



Kapha Face Oil


Rainbow Body Kapha Facial Oil

1 oz.