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Ayurvedic Spa

Ancient Samkhya Yogic Scriptures of India have given us the gift of ayurveda (Sanskrit for science of life).

The treatments of ayurveda are said to promote longevity, balance and deep purification to the triune self (body, mind and spirit).

Treatments move Prana (Sanskrit for lifeforce energy) through your body, mind and spirit restoring natural balance.

Sessions are customized for you based upon Dosha (body type). A blend of organic herb, flower and plant oils is specially prepared for you.

For complete wellness, each session utilizes specific touch patterns and oils to affect subtle energy through the nadis (rivers of prana). Beyond physical, an enhancement in your general auric body takes place on a vibrational level.

Please allow at least :15 minutes to rest after these deeply profound treatments.

warmed sesame oil over 3rd eye marma and related marma points

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Rituals:

Abhyanga - Massage of the limbs with organic herbal enfused oils to lubricate and nourish the joints

Extra gentle massage using long and soft rhythms to relax the nerves and muscles

Marma point stimulation (sustained and moving pressure applied to the energy points of the ayurvedic system, similar to acupressure

Deep nourishment of the muscles, tissue and blood from the herbs and oils which are never synthetic and always based on 5,000 years of Vedic science

Sirodhara -Treatment begins with a sensual Abyanga massage to relax and settle your mind and nervous system

A blissful river of warmed sesame oil herbed with ayurvedic plants begins to flow over the Ajna Chakra (3rd eye marma) and minor marmas (healing acupoints)

Feel deeply pacified and relaxed in mind, emotions and body

Ultra-gentle, ultra-soothing, a tonic for the nerves